Davey Chloromatic MCS-ESC 16 Replacement Salt Cell | Reverse Polarity

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    Davey Chloromatic ESC16 Replacement Cell - Self-cleaning

    • For Chloromatic MCS16C and Chloromatic ESC16 Chlorinators.
    • Genuine Reverse Polarity Low Maintenace Cell -  minimises scale build-up

    How do  I know when my Chloromatic's electrolytic cell need replacing? 

    As the Chloromatic Cell ages there will come a time when the electrical current draw will drop. A Cell is considered failed when it draws less than 80 % of maximum current. To keep a failed Cell in operation Winter Mode can be used along with extra salt. There will come a time when the Cell will not respond to either extra salt or Winter Mode. It will then need to be replaced. The life of Chloromatic electrolytic cells vary substantially from one installation to another due to variations in operating time, water quality and composition, system and cell maintenance.