Davey EcoSalt BMSC 20 Salt Chlorinator Geniune Salt Cell | Reverse Polarity

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    Davey Ecosalt BMSC Salt Chlorinator Cells

    • Barrel Unions not included. Self Cleaning. Reverse Polarity.

    The Davey EcoSalt Chlorinator has a “Reverse Polarity” cell. Reverse Polarity chlorinator models have low maintenance cells that minimise scale build up. To keep your salt water chlorinator in the best possible condition, regular monitoring of the electrolytic cell is recommended. The ‘Cell’ is the clear plastic housing containing the plates.

    Failing Cell 

    As the Cell ages there will come a time when the electrical current draw will drop. This can be compensated for with the addition of extra salt. A Cell is considered failed when it draws less than 80 % of maximum current.

    The life of Eco Salt electrolytic cells vary substantially from one installation to another due to variations in operating time, water quality and composition, system and cell maintenance.