NEW Davey ChloroMatic Nipper -15C - Normal Salt Pools

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    Davey's NEW Pool ChloroMatic Nipper

    Designed for normal salt water levels in salt water pools. Featuring a brand new power supply and completely redesigned U shaped cell, ChloroMatic Nipper 15C is the new standard benchmark for in-ground and above-ground residential swimming pools up to:

    • Cool Climites <25oC - 75,000 litres
    • Temperate Climates 25oC to 30oC - 58,000 litres
    • Hot & Tropical Climates >30oC - 46,000 litres

    It is a robust 'go to', simple but feature packed chlorinator for all new pools and existing pools.

    The Little Life Save for Aussie Pools

    • High performance reverse polarity in-line cell with integrated safety flow switch
    • New switchmode power supply for energy efficiency
    • Low Salt and No Flow indicators with safety cut-off for cell protection
    • Comprehensive user-friendly full digital LCD display
    • Modes for chlorine boost and chlorine reduction (including winter mode)
    • Operating Normal Salt Level: 3,000 - 6,000ppm
    • Operating Low Salt Level: 1,500 - 6,000ppm

    Digital Display

    • 2 line, full digital 32 character display.
    • Alarms for add salt, low salt and no flow (unit also keeps history of alarms)
    • New Modes:
      • Spa -reduces cell output by 80%
      • Cover - reduces cell output by 80% (added functionalty of auto)
      • Boost - sets cell output to 100% for 24 hours
      • Winter - reduces cell output by 85%
      • Cover and Spa modes simultaneously
    • 2 Independent and separate timers
    • Adjustable chlorine output in 5% increments
    • Memory save - battery blackout protection for up to 22 years.