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Pool and Property supply a large range of high quality pool equipment and chemicals which can be delivered to your doorstep. Discount Pricing. Quality Brands. Fast Delivery.

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Why don’t you display all the prices for all products? 

You may find that certain products or brands displayed online do not have a price. This is because some of the pool manufacturers do not allow certain products to be sold online. In our opinion this is designed to help traditional pool stores compete when they don’t have a website or online shop. New Astral products for example can not be sold online, however used products can be. For these products we recommend you call a few stores to get a price. This will ensure you get the best price possible. A few phone calls can make you save. Unfortunately some store’s put huge mark ups on these products in an attempt to make a quick dollar. Weather you buy from us or not we are more than happy to give you a price and advice. 

Can you still buy the products over the phone?

Yes! You can definitely buy products over the phone if you are finding it hard to come in store. We are still able to deliver to your door and install these products for you. All products come with a receipt for your warranty information. Some products however do require professional install. We recommend that if you cant come in store you contact us for a FREE quote. We can then come to you to ensure you are installing the correct equipment. If you are interstate we can ship most products, however some we do not recommend you install yourself. 

Why are your prices so much lower? 

Our prices are kept low deliberately. As a company we pride ourselves on honest, competitive pricing and price matching. We want you to get the best deal possible on your Astral, Onga, Davey and Zodiac branded equipment. We hope that by giving you the best price you come back and shop with us for years to come knowing we have given you an honest price the first time round. We also buy in bulk where possible and negotiate the best deals we can. 

Can I get advice over the phone? 

Weather you buy from us or from another shop we are more than happy to give you advice. We understand it can be confusing at times and everyone has their own opinion. Our Business manger is able to field your calls directly (James 0417 182 444) or please leave a message with our shop staff and he will get back to you as soon as possible. 

What equipment brand should I use / What do you recommend ?

Almost every customer we deal with will asks what do we recommend. Some pool shops are aligned with certain brands and therefore will recommend their products. Other pool shops like us stock more than one brand. We are authorised dealers for all our products but we generally will not become an Alliance dealer and limit ourselves to only promoting one brand. When you are dealing with alliance store they generally have set targets from the manufacturer to sell each year.  We will never sell you a brand based on our profit margin or a target set by a supplier. We will always sell you a brand that is the best suited for your circumstances. Weather that be price, features or ease of use.