Q: Why is my pool water cloudy?

1. Improper or imbalanced chemicals: An improper chemical balance might mean there is too much or too little chlorine, the pH and alkalinity is imbalanced, or the water has high calcium hardness levels.

2. Faulty filter: Poor filtration means you might not be running your filter long enough or the filter is dirty, which results in poor water circulation.

3. Environmental factors and debris (particles): Dust, pollen, and leaves can build up in your filter and impede the cleaning process. Insects, bird droppings, people and run-off water after a storm also contribute to cloudy pool water. Run-off water brings nitrates, phosphates, and other nasties into your pool.

It is always best to come instore if this happens for a free water test with approximately 500mls of your pool water. We can then test your water and recommend the correct chemicals. 

Q: Why does my pool have a strong chlorine smell?

A: You may be improperly administering chemicals, which is costly and can prove harmful to eyes and skin. If this occurs its best to book a onsite pool service. Simply Call 8363 5712 to book. 

Q: Why is my pool green?

A: Algae is certainly the cause of the green, but an imbalance of pH and/or alkalinity could be one of the reasons you have algae in the first place (while there is adequate chlorine). One other reason may be a high level of TDS or Phosphates. A Very high PH significantly decreases the effectiveness of chlorine. You need to test and adjust your pH and alkalinity, this is the first step. Then test for TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and Phosphates. Contact Pool & Property to eradicate the problem.

Q: Why is my pump noisy?

A: In your pump motor, there are bearings. A loud pump motor is a sign of bad bearings. If this occurs please contact us immediatley so we can book you in for a visit. Leaving this can create an expensive fix and possibly cause the pump fail and require replacement. 

Q: Why is my pool water foamy?

A: Foamy pool water can be the result of unbalanced chemicals, cosmetics, suntan oils or algae. Contact Pool & Property for an accurate diagnosis if the issue persists.

Q: Do we need to service our pool year round?

A: Yes, a properly maintained pool throughout the year will reduce the amount of staining in the pool. Pumps and other equipment can also be properly maintained to prolong their life which in turn saves you money in the long run.