Should I have my pool service and pool cleaned in winter?

Should I have my pool service and pool cleaned in winter?

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The temperature drops and so does your thoughts of swimming in your backyard pool.  However, your pool still needs attention to keep it running smoothly. 

Pool & Property is your one stop shop for all your winter pool questions. We are a committed, friendly, dedicated and experienced team who love to talk about swimming pools. Come into our shop and we will answer all of your questions on the spot.  We have got the answers for these popular pool servicing queries...

Should I cover the pool?
Do I really need to clean the pool?
Can i turn my pool pump off?
How many hours should the pump run in winter?
Is it cheaper to let it go green over winter?
Does it need chemicals over winter?
Should I empty my pool?
Think my pool has leak  - can you fix it?

When you come in bring in a sample of water and we will do a free water test while we discuss all your queries.

Swimming Pool Winter Service & Winter Swimming Pool Maintenance  - We Come To You

Winter is the perfect time to do any swimming pool maintenance.  Whether its fixing cracks, leaks or landscaping the area - we can help.  Yes, we can help with water features, retaining walls, paving, outdoor heating, plant installation, drainage services, laws and more.

The best way to enjoy your pool in winter is by letting us do the work with our winter swimming pool service.  By servicing your swimming pool, it will be ready in those warmer months and will not turn green. 

Swimming Pool Winter Service includes:

Vacuum, brush and scoop any debris out of pool
Backwash and rinse the filter
Empty the skimmer and lint baskets
Undertake a comprehensive water test
Add chemicals if necessary to balance water (chemicals extra)
Check salt or mineral levels and adjust if necessary
Adjust pool pumps for winter hours