Preparing Your Pool & Equipment for Use

Preparing Your Pool & Equipment for Use

After winter you will need to get your pool and equipment ready for use by cleaning out and testing all of the pool equipment and preparing the pool itself for use. Consider adding a fresh coat of pool paint, replacing your filters and taking other steps to get your pool ready for the season.

Reconnecting Electrical Equipment

For both above ground and in-ground pools, follow the manufacturer's instructions for connecting the pool heater, pool pump and filtration system. Before filling the pool and running your pool equipment, make sure that the basket strainers are in good shape and free from cracks, and that all lines are open and free from debris. It’s also a good idea to check for any leaks at the electrical connections and to check your filters for wear and tear. For help finding the right repair parts for your pool equipment, check out our Online Poolshop and our large selection of replacment Filter Cartridges.

Cleaning the Pool and Equipment

Next, thoroughly clean all pool surfaces and pieces of pool equipment. For the most effective cleaning, try using a manual pool brush for some tough pre-treating action on especially dirty or stained areas of the pool. Follow up with a deep cleaning using a high quality automatic pool cleaner. Getting the pool surfaces as clean as possible and removing all traces of mildew and debris before you start swimming ensures that your pool will be ready to go.

Filling Your Pool

It’s important to fill your pool correctly in order to achieve maximum enjoyment and durability. To get off on the right foot, choose a day that you know will be warm and sunny, preferably over 23 degrees Celsius. For above ground pools, double-check that you have removed all of the winter plugs and the skimmer guard in previous steps. Begin adding fresh water to the pool, smoothing out any wrinkles that begin to form in the pool linerduring the filling process. Continue filling until the water has reach about 2⁄3 up to the skimmer opening. Before proceeding, make sure that the skimmer isn’t cracked or developing any leaks.

For in-ground pool filling, ensure all plugs and skimmer guards have been removed and fill the pool with water 2⁄3 up the way. While you don't have to worry about a wrinkling pool liner with inground pools, it is important that you carefully check for leaks or cracks in the surface while filling to prevent problems later on in the season.