Aussie Gold Scum Bug Pool & Spa Degreaser

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    Scum Bug:

    Pool & Spa Water Line Degreaser Prevents Scum Line in Pools & Spas

    Place your Scum Bug in you skimmer and watch it soak up all the slime and grime on your Pool or Spa surface. A great idea from Aussie Gold to reduce the scum lines in pools and spas caused by suntan oils and general grime floating on a pool surface. Can also reduce the need for filter cleaning as the scum bug absorbs the grime before it enters the filter.

    • Devours scum, slime and grime from pools and spas
    • 300% Larger Surface Area than other products
    • Easy to use by placing in the skimmer
    • Easy to clean
    • Takes scum out before it reaches the filter
    • Can be cleaned out and reused