Kreepy Krauly VTX-7 Suction Cleaner

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    Kreepy Krauly VTX-7 Suction Cleaner

    The only thing more industrious than a Kreepy Krauly? Our R&D department. They’re continually investigating new materials and hydraulic technology to ensure Kreepy Krauly remains unbeatable in the pool.

    The Kreepy Krauly VTX-7 Pool Cleaner with its Vortex Technology and Scrubbing Silicon Seal, has a triple cleaning action. It sucks, scrubs and skims to thoroughly clean your pool top, bottom and sides.

     The VTX-7’s Ultra Flex Hose and Adjustable Steering System ensures maximum coverage of your pool is achieved every time.


    • The Kreepy Krauly VTX-7 Ultra Flex Hose ensures maximum coverage of your pool is achieved every time.
    • The cleaner traverses the floor and walls of the pool in a Unique Criss-cross Pattern, vacuuming up all debris.
    • The Smart-Skim Action completes the cleaning process by drawing all floating debris into the skimmer box.

    Suitable for all pool material types, the VTX-7 criss-cross cleaning pattern is best suited to pools with curved walls and no sharp angles. For sharp angled pools, the RX-Tank and Sprinta Plus are specifically designed to handle any pool corners.

    The Kreepy Krauly VTX-7 Suitcase Includes:

    • VTX-7 Machine

    • 12m of Ultra Flex Hose

    • Smart Skim (Automatic Vacuum Control Valve)


    Note: Smart Skim can be upgraded to Auto Skim and Custom Vacuum Plate in store or by contacting u